Project management skills – are you creative?

A recent article in Raconteur (June 2017) looking at the skills required for good project management threw up some interesting findings.

The Association for Project Management (APM) asked the question “What skills and competencies do you think are important for project management professionals” Out of a list of 10 skills the top two were stakeholder management and communications and budgeting/financial management – all as you would expect, but surprisingly the bottom two were coaching and mentoring and creativity!

That seems a bit worrying when we at Coachhouse are frequently engaged to spend time helping people in their work environment (many who are project managing) to look at ways to inspire and motivate their teams and to understand that accepting change and managing change, all every relevant in project management, are areas where they themselves and their team members may need understanding and guidance.

Managing multiple projects that can be very fluid are part of todays working environment and so as team leaders we need to really think about those involved in our projects and how we can best support them. That’s where coaching particularly plays a very important role – in picking up on feelings, issues, ideas etc. at an early stage rather than later when damage can have occurred  – and team members appreciate this support too.

So next time you find yourself project managing – certainly communication and budgets are crucial but communication also means listening and supporting your people whether that’s through regular 1to1 chats or team coaching sessions. That way you will all stay on the same wavelength!

Its also worth reminding yourself of the Kubler-Ross change curve and thinking where both you and your team members may be at any given time on this curve and then you can help people move along it at the right pace for them.

Good luck



Understanding the Kubler-Ross change curve - Kübler-Ross Model