management team working hard Oct 16

The management team at RAU spent a really good morning looking at our own individual management styles and were good at challenging our strengths and weaknesses – some good ideas for identifying what could be expected of us as Managers and how we could talk about these expectations to really make sure we are meeting the needs of our team members and also our own Managers.

Starting to use the Met Office Dynamic Management model as an example of good practice and talked about our own ‘Tiny noticeable things’ that we could identify to make a difference. Now we are all thinking about developing our hexagons to come up with some good questions to open debate about one topic area with one or two members of the team – give it a go and see if it helps communication! We will start to mock up our own hexagon if the feedback is good as so far we have the following as our template

  • Togetherness
  • Communication
  • Encouragement
  • Direction
  • Respect
  • Recognition

These seem like a great place to start and all the other comments like consultation, collaboration, approachability, trust etc. will sit nicely in questions behind these – or we might even want to change some depending on the feedback. So really looking forward to the next workshop to get going with this and to start looking at managing change and knowing the personalities we are working with a little better.

Have a look at this website just to give a really fulsome idea of how far you could take competencies to look at what ideal practice looks like and what might be not such good practice.

Most organisations report that having a clear set of agreed competencies helps managers to know what’s expected of them and helps their team members know what they should be doing to help them too and what may be beyond remit. Also you know what you’re doing well because there is something quite specific to talk about….