Don’t forget to celebrate your failure

Failure it has been argued, is the best learning tool there is!

Learning from mistakes can be productive as long as we have an environment where we are allowed to make them. If you are a team leader or Manager – do you actively encourage your team to feel comfortable with failure. Do you discuss what you have all learnt as a result?

Some organisations hold workshops to celebrate failure. Everyone comes along prepared to share what has gone wrong either on a small or monumental scale – it’s up to them. Participants practically talk over each other in order to share their failures!!! It makes for a great culture when individuals don’t feel they have to hide mistakes or cover tracks, or even worse, blame others.

The most creative companies are those that really celebrate their failure – here’s some steps you can take to be part of one of them:-

  • Remember when we all used to take time to brainstorm. Try bringing this back, also holding the opposite type of meeting too – an ideas funeral. In this type of meeting everyone brings those things that have been going on for ages and aren’t quite there (still). Share the idea that has been ongoing. Deliver its obituary. What were the good bits and what was a non-starter. Maybe take the good bits on into a  new idea? Some organisations even publish a failed ideas “Hall of Fame” which shows that we celebrate failures as well as successes
  • Encourage your team members to try out new ideas by considering a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that relates to this
  • Think about how you personally feel when you fail. If it feels negative, try to change this to see the positives. This will help you and your support of your team

A few ideas from a few companies can be found here

Christina Lewis @ comments “The next time you catch yourself obsessing over something that went wrong or worrying about something that could go wrong, try approaching it differently. Take a deep breath, mentally cheer for yourself and celebrate the fact that you are doing something difficult.

After you have felt your stress levels go down, smile, go and talk to someone, and share what you’re struggling with. Believe it or not, that’s the beginning of receiving the help you need.”