Do you need a social media detox?

 Social media addiction is a hot topic at the moment.  Are you an addict?

Many recent articles across a range of media have been investigating how much of our daily life is devoted to technology and in particular focussing on social media. Its not just teens and twenty-somethings who are the main culprits – research has revealed that we are all spending too much time checking our phones.

These are some of the shocking problems that were found – do you count yourself in any of these?

  • Spending an average of 2 hours/day checking social media
  • Using sites to vent your thoughts
  • Finding yourself feeling more stressed/frustrated as comments/awareness make you angry
  • Wishing you hadn’t just spent the last hour browsing
  • Feeling envious of others/anxious about your own achievements/life
  • Worried you aren’t communicating in person enough
  • Unable to sleep – maybe you’ve been checking your phone just before bedtime
  • Affecting your self-esteem or relationships

    Almost half (45%) of young people are checking their mobile phones after they have gone to bed, a poll suggests.

    A survey of 2,750 11- to 18-year-olds found one in 10 admitted checking their mobile phones for notifications at least 10 times a night” –

A recent interesting article can be found at where there are a few questions you can ask of yourself.
Don’t get us wrong – social media is a great thing – not when it’s controlling your behaviour rather than the other way round.
If you are going on holiday this summer, take a look around at how many people are using their phones to view social media whilst they should be relaxing, chatting with friends or family, dining, at the beach and how many are constantly using their phones to take photos for social media rather than actually enjoy the place they are in!!
If you are worried you may be heading for addiction and you can’t stop yourself constantly checking your phone – try these few ideas from Stuart Dredge writing in “The Guardian”

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