Do you need a Pulse check?

Pulse check has been developed by us at Coachhouse to help organisations really understand what their employees think about their working environment

We believe it is crucial that anyone who is involved in supporting or working for an organisation feels they are

  • appreciated and valued for their input
  • clear on where their organisation is headed and understands their part in helping to achieve the aims
  • able to voice their ideas and opinions and feel that they are considered
  • given opportunity for learning and to enhance/further their career
  • a part of good communication channels
  • supported by effective leadership with a clear vision for the future
  • appropriately rewarded for hard work

It all sounds very reasonable but so many organisations forget to do some of these things or even occasionally all of these things. We always believe that if you look after people they will in turn look after their teams and the organisation will flourish.

Pulse check helps you to gain feedback from a cross section of people right across your organisation – through different teams, different roles and different sites to ensure that you have a really good idea of what it working well and what is not.

It’s a bespoke and cost effective service that allows HR teams and Senior Management to understand what people really feel and to make sure they get systems and processes right before things can go wrong.

Many organisations have worked with us to develop bespoke questions to make sure that feedback really covers the areas they need – maybe it’s new practices and procedures that you are not sure are working or embedded, maybe it’s new training methods the you want to know are working, maybe it’s whether people understand what you are trying to achieve as an organisation – or a combination of all of these. You can work with us to design the most effective report for you.

What is the process?

  1. Meet to discuss your needs and the report style that is most useful
  2. We work with you to make sure our questions cover your outcomes
  3. We talk confidentially to a cross-section of people/teams throughout your organisation
  4. We draw up a report, present this to you and feedback what we have found
  5. We can help you put actions in place if you want or recommend specialists in many areas – feedback may confirm that you are doing everything right!

Contact us if you would like to know more or speak to any of our clients that have used the service