Is your company’s communication working?

We spend so much of our time at work or in work that we want to enjoy it – to arrive at work ready for the day and to feel curious about what it may bring, But so many people aren’t able to feel this and instead feel that work is a chore or a necessary evil to pay the bills. Quite often it’s down to communication.

Although this can be for a wide variety of reasons we at Coachhouse often come across some common themes. Ask yourself these questions:-

  • Does your Manager appreciate you? If you are a Manager do you appreciate your people enough?
  • Do you ‘buy-in’ to what your company is selling or providing?
  • Do you feel trusted to do the job?
  • Are you valued? – again, if you are a Manager, how do you show your people that you value them?
  • Do you feel proud to work for your organisation?
  • Are you motivated?
  • Is your working environment a happy one?
  • Have you got clear and open communication channels?

The last one is a tough one……..Many times when we are talking to employees about what they feel could be improved within their organisation they will say communication. But we need to really drill down and think about what we mean – what type of communication:- written, oral, social media, emails? – often it’s about people feeling that they are ‘out of the loop’ or at the the other end of the scale, that they are inundated with too many emails that they don’t need and so we need to make sure we get the levels right. Regular checks on what we are communicating and how we are doing this are good practice to make sure that the messages we think we are sending are getting through correctly. If in doubt – ask!

A recent article by Luke Johnson, Chairman of Risk Capital Partners http://@LukejohnsonRCP talks about how the best bosses “don’t just talk to their colleagues, they consult, and accept feedback”.  Often we at Coachhouse talk to Senior Management teams about how they communicate and how they know if they get it right – not many feel confident to ask for feedback on their communication styles but it really does pay dividends. Luke goes on to say ‘The British are a sceptical lot, and tend to prefer honesty, self-deprecation and understatement over hype” – so true – so remember to be open and honest with your people and you will all reap the reward.`