What we can learn from coaching in sport

…….and how coaching in sport can translate to help us in our own lives.

Consider this – you have been involved in your sport for a number of years, rising up from the junior to senior ranks, working hard to develop your skills – being selected to represent your town, county or even country. You have worked hard and managed to achieve the highest level in your sport and then suddenly you are dropped for a player who the selectors believe is better. How do you deal with this? Some of the typical thoughts that may run through your mind:-

  • Are they right – have I dropped off my game?
  • How can I possibly get better when I thought I was doing my best?
  • Do I want to even play this sport any more?
  • Does everyone think this?
  • Should I stop trying – give up?

A recent article in The Daily Mail interviewed Luther Burrell, the Northampton Rugby Centre about how he dealt with being left out of England’s World Cup squad. Luther states that it was very hard, losing confidence in yourself and feeling like “your face doesn’t fit”.

Burrell met with a Personal Coach, took some some time out over the last summer and has recently become a father. It has made him see things a little differently. He feels that he now has his “own identity” and has stopped worrying about what qualities he feels he should or should not have based on what he sees in other players. Being able to look at things with the help of a coach has allowed him to reflect on how he goes forward.


We can find ourselves in situations where we are asking ourselves the same kind of questions as Luther above but maybe related to our working lives – a promotion we felt we should have got and didn’t, questioning whether we are in the right job or role, worrying about how others see us – should we change? who is right and who is wrong. Engaging with a personal coach can be an excellent way to think through some of these questions – because you have the answers – we all just need a little prompting and guidance sometimes to help us see the way through the maze.

To help you start to think about some questions see the International Coach federation (ICF)’s blog on some of the most powerful questions to ask yourself https://coachfederation.org/blog

Or give us a ring or an email here at Coachhouse and we will be able to chat through coaching so that you can see if it might be right for you.