Monthly Archives: October 2017

Helping our brains deal with stress

How well do we know our own minds? How does stress and the ageing process affect the human brain? and how can we be mindful of this in both our personal and work lives? Neuroscience has … Read More

What we can learn from coaching in sport

.......and how coaching in sport can translate to help us in our own lives. Consider this - you have been involved in your sport for a number of years, rising up from the junior to senior … Read More

Help for all HR Managers in a new post

Are you an experienced HR Manager moving or moved to a post within a new organisation ? How can HR Managers get a good all round understanding of culture, issues, promises, ideas and emerging talent in … Read More

How to train Managers as Coaches

More and more coaching is being recognised as a key tool in helping organisations move forward and in improving individual and team performance. Helping Managers to be good coaches is essential. There is  a place for … Read More

How busy fathers can benefit from coaching

Recent surveys have shown that many fathers would rather be able to work flexibly than to progress to Senior management. Often the media has focussed on working women 'having it all' many men, especially fathers, … Read More